GISL Closure


GISL Closure

GISL Closure

So government is closing the GISL, its information services company, putting some sixty people out of jobs. It was losing money for sure…because it was set up to do so, and saddled with very bad, incompetent management.

We feel it is a stupid thing to do….much like many other stupid things that governments do!

It would be better in our view to sell off its two TV and four Radio stations to private enterprise. Earn some money, which could be pumped into a whittled down, streamlined Government Information service. One that would provide quality produced radio and tv programs, as well as properly written media releases, for public consumption via the existing 30 odd privately owned and operated press, radio and tv. With a staff of maybe 20 quality producers, message writers and managers, and a budgeted grant of maybe 12-15million per annum, that objective could possibly be achieved.

GISL is losing cash, but nothing like what is being spewed down the drain by CNMG, and what will continue to be wasted as long as there is State radio and tv. At last count, we were told CNMG was losing about 55 million dollars each year. Nowhere in the world, especially in the THIRD, developing one does state media make money.

And please, lets not confuse public service radio or tv with state media. They’re simply not the same. One is education, while the other is perceived as propaganda!

In our “turd” world, as it is often described….political lackeys who most often know nothing about anything are put in charge of ensuring that government’s take or spin on issues is paramount. With credibility lost and vain ambition, state media houses press on with their tarnished efforts to compete for the advertising dollar…scarce as it is these days.

We’re clinging to a political dream…..albeit possibly another product of “colonial” thinking…. a dream of a local BBC, or Australia or New Zealand State broadcasting.

Humbug….time to let go!


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June 5th, 2017

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