‘From J’Ouvert’ to ‘Jump And Wave’ – Carnival themed nailpolishes launched

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‘From J’Ouvert’ to ‘Jump And Wave’ – Carnival themed nailpolishes launched

‘From J’Ouvert’ to ‘Jump And Wave’ – Carnival themed nailpolishes launched

They say Carnival is colour.

One nail-polish line has captured and bottled that colour.

Faby is an Italian brand, that has now taken inspiration from our very own signature celebration.

Yesterday, in collaboration with Body NV Distributors, the company launched its first line of Carnival themed nailpolishes!

The names are as local as they get.

They include a shimmery silver called Sweet Pan, a vibrant fuschia pink called Bacchanal Woman, and a rich wine colour named More Rum Please.

Carnival Nail Polish List

In all there are 12 colours, and they are available in regular lacquer and gel colours.

So, exactly why did this Italian brand seek to produce a Carnival themed line?

Business Development Manager Blake Batson had the answer.

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Body NV Distributors is the exclusive Faby distributor.

The brand is already available in select nail salons, and other technicians interested in acquiring the new collection can simply get in touch with Body NV.

Its Managing Director Nicole Aleong expects the line to be successful, since she believes it reflects what we fondly call, The Greatest Show On Earth.Carnival Nailpolish

And quite fittingly, Faby and Body NV has taken this product line to the next level, by collaborating with the Carnival Bands Bliss and Harts!

The colours will on full display in their presentations come Carnival 2018!

And according to Faby co-founder Alberto Viale, this line is just the start!

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To find out more about the new line of Carnival themed Faby nailpolishes, you can check out Faby Nails – Caribbean on Facebook.

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May 23rd, 2017

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