Fix The Laws To Arrest The ‘Known Criminals’


Fix The Laws To Arrest The ‘Known Criminals’

Fix The Laws To Arrest The ‘Known Criminals’

One reaction to the recent terrorist attacks in England is a petition for drastic measures to be taken against anyone known to be, or suspected of being, a radical terrorist.

At last count, just two days after last Saturday’s incident in London, over 145,000 people had signed the petition, with the number growing quickly each day. Petitioners are asking or demanding whichever way you hear it, that if a person is known to have, or suspected of having radical terrorist beliefs, that person should be immediately arrested and held indefinitely, while a thorough search is undertaken to determine his/her background. If negative, this could lead to severe long term detention, or deportation if a foreigner.

We are not here debating the merits or demerits of the proposal, nor the legality of such an approach, whether unconstitutional or otherwise. We’re simply reporting the anger and frustration of a significant portion of the British public. The petition may have slowed in the build up to yesterday’s general election, but it may well get the million signatures for it to be formally discussed in parliament.

The argument for the petition is that in almost every instance of recent terrorist acts, wherever in the world, the police have reported that the perpetrators were known to them, or under watch, or suspicion. Terrorism or not, doesn’t this particular police reaction sound familiar? Of course it does!

Here in Trinidad, whether it be robbery, murder or mayhem……. and we have all three daily…….there is invariably a report that one or other of the bandits or victims…..was known to the police.

So the question is …if known, why not pick them up before their damage is done? Are we so democratically advanced that the planned actions of monsters cannot be halted even if necessary laws are yet to be enacted?

Our policing techniques suggest that only AFTER evil is committed, can there be proof of the deed!

We of Trinidad and Tobago should also be angry, frustrated and ……completely outraged!

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June 9th, 2017

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