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First look at Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

First look at Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix is the latest actor to step into the shoes of Batman’s iconic enemy, The Joker.

And the first images from his take on the most murderous of clowns have been revealed.

Joaquin is starring in an as-yet-untitled film, set in the 1980s, about a failed comedian who becomes one of Gotham City’s biggest criminals.

Instead of the heavy make-up we’ve seen on previous versions, Joaquin’s take is (so far) more subtle.

Other photos and online video show the character taking his first steps towards his painted-faced identity as he hangs out with a gruff looking clown in a run-down street.

Other actors to have previously played The Joker are Jared Leto (Suicide Squad), Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) and Jack Nicholson (Batman).



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September 17th, 2018

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