Fireworks Use

Fireworks Use

Another round of country-wide celebrations have been completed, with Divali festivities taking place in almost every community, where lights are abundant, and an aura of excitement fills the air. What has become a very popular ritual for most persons around this time is the use of fireworks.

As pretty as it can be, we feel that they are being misused. We’re always being reminded that permission has to be sought from the police service to use fireworks in a town, yet this is ignored, and when it is used, not even a warning is given.

We’ve seen on the news this week that two homes belonging to a Couva family were destroyed by fire, possibly caused by the misuse of fireworks or illegal scratch bombs.

Fireworks, for the most part, are used by children or teenagers and safety measures are not often taken, since making it a hazardous situation for themselves and their surroundings.

Last year, Parliamentarians discussed the issue of fireworks use and there were suggestions that permits should be given to those who intend to use fireworks, as well as fines and the number of fireworks permitted per household should be adjusted. What has come of this, and why are we waiting so long to do something about it?

Another major effect of the loud noises that comes with fireworks is the trauma that animals and even some people have to go through. This effect cannot be overstated, and this is a nuisance that has left pets injured or even dead in some cases, and has distressed elderly persons.

An article on the New York Times states that in parts of Europe, quiet fireworks displays have grown increasingly common. In Britain, venues close to residents, wildlife or livestock often permit only quiet fireworks. One town in Italy passed a law in 2015 that all fireworks displays must be quiet.

We often mimic other countries’ laws or cultures, and these examples are perfect for us to implement in Trinidad and Tobago. We’re approaching the Christmas and New Years’ festivities that often calls for a barrage of fireworks once more. We appeal to the authorities to do what’s right and within the law to protect persons and their homes from the misuse of fireworks. Parliamentarians need to restart the discussion as well, and this should be done as quickly as possible.

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November 9th, 2018

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