Fireworks; A Delight or A Distress To Many

Fireworks; A Delight or A Distress To Many

As we prepare to welcome another new year with the regular ceremonies and gatherings comes the inclusion of fireworks in the midst everything. It seems as though Trinidadians in particular are not content on celebrating anything without the inclusion of the colourful and extremely noisy explosives that are readily available to anyone with a pocketful of cash. In fact, it’s not only for New Years Eve that we are subjected to the assault but for Independence and Divali and now it seems to be a staple at birthdays and weddings too. And despite numerous complaints over the years about the excessively loud explosions in quiet neighbourhoods particularly, nothing is being done to bring relief except excuses from those with the authority to curb it.

You may recall a news report prior to Divali in October this year when the police commanders stated stridently that the use of fireworks in residential areas and within the city limits was illegal and those found to be breaking the law would be prosecuted. Well, given what we endured in certain communities on Divali night despite the rain, we wonder, how many persons were arrested for the illegal discharge of fireworks? Do you recall any police patrols in your area warning anyone against using fireworks? We would be very interested to know the statistics.

With Old Years Night celebrations just a few days away, things are already heating up for another bumper year of roof-shaking, terror-inducing explosions. One retailer has already indicated that this guava season has not affected the sale of fireworks as there were long lines and deep pockets awaiting the annual Boxing Day sale. The police has also warned that it will intensify patrols on Sunday night to catch perpetrators based on the amount of complaints received. So again, we wait longingly to see the outcome of this latest promise.

It is common knowledge that the discharge of fireworks within residential neighbourhoods has a significant effect on the elderly, the infirm, expectant mothers and animals especially. While humans could take precautions and move out of their houses to evade the noise if need be, birds, dogs and other creatures do not have that liberty. We can all attest to the numerous lost dogs we see after New Years and Divali or the ones at the side of the roads that were knocked down in their disoriented attempts to escape the bombardment. Should we have to be told that disturbing an entire neighbourhood is wrong and discourteous? Or have we become so calloused that we just don’t give a damn anymore?

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December 29th, 2017

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