Facebook to begin tackling fake news in latest update

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Facebook to begin tackling fake news in latest update

Facebook to begin tackling fake news in latest update

Fake news stories always seem to capture people’s attention on Facebook, but now the social site has revealed how it will start tackling the issue with a new update.

In November it was reported the company had an unofficial task force working on the problem.

Just to show how much attention fake news captures, a Buzzfeed report showed that there was more engagement on fake stories around the US election than real news.

Now, Facebook has promised to reprioritise fake news on its pages in the update.

It says one of the values of its news feed is “authentic communication” and that it’s acting to prevent posts that are “misleading, sensational or spammy”.

Pages that have been posting fake news have been studied by Facebook’s experts and are now expected to be seen less frequently in news feeds.

In a statement, the social network explained that they have categorised pages to identify whether or not they were posting spam or asking for likes, comments or shares.

They then used posts from those pages to train a model that continuously identifies authentic pages.

Fake news will still appear in your Facebook news feed, but it will now be shown below what’s deemed to be authentic.

Your relationship to the person who shared the article will also be taken into consideration along with the number of likes, shares and comments.

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February 1st, 2017

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