Enough Is Enough!

Enough Is Enough!

The stance of silence adopted by our Chief Justice is bewildering. His posture of ignoring the swirl of public discussion, seems to be nurturing and fomenting grave, scandalous thoughts, and rumour. Added to which is the curiosity of decent minded people.

But his friend has been talking, and warned us that CJ Archie will not say a word, that he will not be forced into a public statement. Following that interview and warning, Dillion Johnson was shot last week….not killed, but shot in the hand. Was it perhaps a warning to watch his mouth?

Justice Carol Gobin, Senior Counsel Martin Daly, and learned former Permanent Secretary, Reggie Dumas among other upright citizens, have called on the Chief Justice to say something. The Law Association, after suggesting that he does say something, more recently has said it will investigate the allegations against Justice Archie. Yet still, others have suggested that the President and/or the Prime Minister intervene.

If truth be accepted, the initial charges against the Chief Justice, of mis-handling the case of promotion of a former Chief Magistrate, are now overshadowed by the questions raised over the CJ being seen at a Chaguanas location with his friend Dillion. This was further compounded by allegations that he tried to persuade other Judges to change their security arrangements to favour his friend….a charge since denied, with support from a handful of Judges yet unnamed, who have promised to put out a public statement.

However, more than anything else, what is perpetuating the outrage is the incredible fact of the friendship between one of the highest office holders in this land, and a youngish man, more than once found to be punished by law, and also questioned in connection with the murder of a fellow employee of the water and sewerage authority. An ongoing investigation for which Mr. Johnson is still suspended from duty.

Come on people……with almost every imaginable aspect of our life in Trinidad and Tobago tarnished by indiscretions of one kind or another, bad manners, lack of self respect and respect for others, incompetent politicians, corruption, and criminal activity….we need to stand up and out now, to say “enough is enough”.

The less than savoury old talk, disrespect and disrepute, quickly growing like smelly moss around the Judiciary must be brought to an end. Lawyers and the Law Association, even a few Judges perhaps, should lead the charge with a more forceful demand for explanation and accountability.

For our part, we hope the Press and other Media – Radio and TV – will not give up.

Lets continue to insist that decency prevails.

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December 6th, 2017

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