Enforce The Litter Law

Enforce The Litter Law

The doubling of fines for littering and increases in the penalties for contributing to bush fires are a welcomed move by the Government to protect the environment, which is something we haven’t been doing as a nation successfully.

These moves, along with the recent decision to ban Styrofoam from next year, are the start of a nation really thinking about its future and what we intend to leave ‘green’ for the next generation.

Now, persons can pay $8,000 if caught littering in public, and while we agree this needs to be done, we need assurances from the Government that more will be done to enforce the law.

What good is a fine when we can’t catch any of the perpetrators? So much litter makes its way through our drains and into the rivers and seas, clogging up the waterways which lead to devastating floods. We experience this year after year.

However, nothing was mentioned in this year’s budget presentation about the provision of funds to increase litter wardens. How are we to deal with the problem if we cannot identify these nasty individuals, and prosecute them as an example to others?

Local Government is also starved for funding, and they’re unable to do more than the bare essentials on a daily basis. Let’s really step up this anti-littering drive and reward individuals for pointing out the litterbugs. Almost everyone has a cell phone with a camera on it nowadays and so many videos and photos of local mischief-makers make their way online.

Let’s put that amateur surveillance to good use, and encourage persons to snap a photo of the perpetrators. This, we believe, will lead to more prosecutions and create a fear of littering in citizens, which is desperately needed.

While citizens are then encouraged to dispose of their waste through the proper channels, we also need to ensure our local government bodies are well equipped to pick up garbage in a timely manner.

Sometimes we need to tweak our approaches slightly to see major changes in our society. Let citizens help enforce some of these laws!

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October 10th, 2018

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