In Full Support of Sandals, Tobago


So, here we are againthrowing our full support behind the Sandals for Tobago project.

Having spent part of the holidays at yet another Sandals all inclusive resort, we are more than ever convinced that the Jamaican outfit moving into the tourism sector  will be a tremendous boost for Tobago in particular, and the country as a whole.

After exposure to three of the resorts in Grenada, Antigua and Jamaica within the past five years.theres absolutely no doubt in our minds that it will be good for us here.

Service par excellence, friendly, smiling staff at every turn, high quality food for every taste at a multitude of restaurants.Ocho Rios Jamaica had sixteen.all kinds of sports and entertainment.really the best there is in the Caribbean, at four and five star levels!

Naturally, we expect and demand that our government will work out the very best deal possible for us with the Sandals organisation, as we should expect it would do with all deals on behalf of the state. But to criticise yet unknowingly, what exactly will be the arrangements, and to continuously harp and nitpick at the idea of Sandals located in Tobago, is pure ignorance, and opposition for opposing sakes.

Its a spurious argument to suggest that every individual should have a say in every step the government makes on our behalf. Its simply not practical, and not necessary. Our elected officials were put there to represent us and our best interests. When we demand to know and decide every little or big thing, we are saying we dont trust them. Well, why do we put them there in the first place? Vote them out!

Questions or concerns about the environment, other hoteliers and their benefits, are all valid. The former has already been addressed by the Sandals group, with a promise not to disturb, but rather embrace the ecology of the area. Sandals employs thousands in each of its plants, trains them to be accommodating and civilised in their outlook towards visitors. And Sandals relentlessly promotes itself and the country or place where its located.

On the other hand, we believe hotel owners in Trinidad and Tobago have a lot to answer for. They seem to do nothing for themselves except complain, grumble and blame.

Among the positives at Sandals is that many locals living abroad choose to stay at Sandals when returning home. There were at least another twenty Trinidad/Tobago couples at Sandals in Ocho Rios,  and whether it be local or visitor…… all noted it was not their first stay at a Sandals Caribbean resort.

Surely, something must be right!