Go Brave, Mr. Commissioner


Today, we give Police Commissioner Gary Griffith our support once more in the debate about his ‘one shot, one kill’ policy that seems to be either misinterpreted by some in society, or deliberately criticized. The policy is simple to understand — those who used deadly force against police officers are responded to accordingly.

This is how the officers are trained, especially when they are met with gunfire by the deadly criminals who feel they’re invincible. Remember we’re in a country of 1.3 million people and we’re recording murders of over 500 for the calendar year. These murderers are not letting up, nor are they holding back from using their illegal guns towards any citizens, even law enforcement officers.

From what we understand, there is no suggestion by the Police Commissioner that his officers have a blanket authorization to use this deadly force in any situation, or to be ‘trigger happy’. Concern was raised by the Law Association earlier this week, but as Mr. Griffith rightly responded, nothing of that sort has been implemented.

The new top cop has been given the chance to make the police service a more efficient entity to ultimately make our communities and country safer, and we should give him the full opportunity to do so, once all is within the law. Nothing has been done since his arrival in August last year to suggest he has been operating illegally.

His impact in those few months have been so positive, that we should continue to lend our support to him and the entire TTPS top brass to build on the foundation of policies laid so far. Of course, the crime situation cannot change overnight, but there’s some wind of hope that things can get better with proper management of our law enforcement.

Mr. Commissioner, you’re in charge of the police force and we trust you to make the right moves with your officers to ensure positive change in our society. We admire that you won’t be deterred by small commentary. Go strong and let’s push fear back into the criminals’ minds.