The Party Now Start…


The Christmas period has come and gone, and as of yesterday we’re essentially back to our daily routines. The snail-pace traffic that greeted commuters aplenty yesterday will not dissipate anytime soon, and is just a stark reminder that it’s back to the grind after varying degrees of laxness during the December holidays into early January. For some though, it’s not just about heading back to work, or school with SEA, CXC & CAPE exams in a couple months. It’salso the initiation of the Carnival season, and a pretty long one at that – two months culminating in early March. Even if you’re not the typicalfeter, the hype is all around, with radio stations blasting the latest Carnival – type music all day& fete flyers, invites and videos jumping out at us on social media.

It was reported that there will be over 200 fetes in total this season, 45 of which are new. 32 fetes in January, 98 in February and 76 in March. These figures are mind boggling to a point, considering the state of the economy and the chances of being robbed, assaulted, or both. After all, Carnival is peak time for banditry.But, we’re not crying wolf. With everything that’s happening, our people still deserve to free up and forget the stresses ever so often. We urge those patronizing the fetes & heading to the lime to maintain proper vigilance this season. Always try to move in groups, never leave vehicles unattended in dark and lonely areas, carpoolwhen you can, designate a driver. Be responsible!

We at the Station are looking forward to theseason – to give artistes a platform to showcase their talent and show promoters that their financial spend is well invested. This Friday, we open our doors to these artistes, promoters and company via our Red Carpet event. And we are proud to be the official Station for premier events such as I Love Choka and Wet and Wild.

With added confidence, we chart forward into2019 with the hope that we can continueuplifting local Indian culture, especially given the questionable integrity it has garnered in some quarters over the years.

It has always been our pride and joy to provide this platform and 25 years on, our mandate hasnot changed. We continue to fly the flag of East Indian programming high. We are proud to be 103FM – first finest forever.