E News: The stories behind ‘Mr. Popular’ and ‘Keeper’

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E News: The stories behind ‘Mr. Popular’ and ‘Keeper’

E News: The stories behind ‘Mr. Popular’ and ‘Keeper’

Chutney Soca artiste ‘Showtime’ almost didn’t release the song that got him into the final of the 2017 Chutney Soca Monarch.

The young singer, real name Michael SoBrien, has only ever entered the competition once before.

His song this year is called “Mr Popular”, and he gave our E-News team the story behind it.

AUDIO: Showtime Song

Showtime says he is humbled to have made it to the final of the event, alongside some of the industry’s biggest veterans, which of course includes past champions. However, he is not intimidated.

He intends to stay focused on his own performance, while also taking inspiration from the work of those more experienced.

AUDIO: Showtime Performance

Also in the final this year is Rick Ramoutar, who is already a household name.
Rick’s song is called “She’s a Keeper”, which he says looks at the more positive side of a relationship.

AUDIO: Rick Song

And hearing Rick talk about his wife Vanessa, we suspect the song is inspired by her.

AUDIO: Rick and Vanessa

And like so many of the finalists, Rick also cannot wait for the World’s Ultimate Chutney Challenge.

Like everyone we’ve spoken to, he also believes this event is going to be difficult to judge, given the shortlist of songs. He however does favour one artiste just a little bit more than the others.

AUDIO: Rick Ultimate Chutney Challenge

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February 8th, 2017

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