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E News: Local film “Pendulum” to release nationwide on October 11th

E News: Local film “Pendulum” to release nationwide on October 11th

On October 11th, a film initially created as a project for a UWI course, will be released nationwide.

It’s called Pendulum and stars Jovon Browne, Stephen Hadeed Jr, Anokha Baptiste, Scott Evans, Francés De Lancey and Ruby Sarah-Lee Parris.

The plot surrounds a young man, Ryan, who is called by his friend, a CEO of a tech company, to investigate some suspicious happenings.

Ryan soon realizes that things may not be what they seem.

103FM met up with Director Michael Rochford who says the film was initially done as school work.

AUDIO: Rochford Pendulum

Ryan, who has been recruited by his friend Luther to solve this mystery, is a former marine who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The reason for his PTSD is the fact that he had to witness his cousin die.

Browne, who has brought the role to life, explains how he prepared.

AUDIO: Browne Prepare

Another character in the film is Harold, who is portrayed by Scott Evans who explains his role.

AUDIO: Evans Harold

The release of the film will begin with a premiere at Movietowne.

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October 4th, 2017

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