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E News: Green Days by the River premieres at IMAX

E News: Green Days by the River premieres at IMAX

Green Days by the River, the film, has officially premiered and is now in cinemas nationwide.

The cast and crew of the movie, based on the book by Michael Anthony, attended a “green carpet premiere” last night at IMAX.

Also there was Mr. Anthony who tells 103FM that the movie did justice to the book he wrote 50 years ago.

AUDIO: Anthony Well Done

The film has been receiving great reviews so far after screening at a couple events.

The cast, led by Sudai Tafari as Shell, Nadia Kandhai as Rosalie, Vanessa Bartholomew as Jo and Anand Lawkaran as Mr. Gidharee, are ecstatic about the reception.

AUDIO: Cast Reaction

Apart from a good reception from the public, the film adaption has also been given two awards by the T&T Film Festival.

Director Michael Mooleedhar is hoping that the awards drive more people to the cinemas.

AUDIO: Mooleedhar Awards

Mr Mooleedhar says the intention is have the film shown across the Caribbean and internationally.

He says they want the film to be around and relevant for 50 years just like the book has managed.

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September 28th, 2017

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