Dry Season Prep

Dry Season Prep

It’s been a tough rainy season this year, with the flooding issues caused by persistent regular rainfall, though luckily no storms were headed our way to add to the already tough situation. What we’re hearing now from the T&T Met Service is that the 2019 Dry Season is likely to be harsh, meaning that rainfall is likely to be scarce. We have had several harsh dry seasons before, and it’s not a great experience, especially concerning WASA’s pipe-borne water supplies.

With that warning in place, persons should be thinking ahead for the season, and planning how they are going to store and manage their water supplies. This may mean getting additional storage tanks or setting a household plan for the use of water, with shorter bathing times or the use of buckets instead of the shower and hoses, etc.

A Met Service climatologist this week asked persons to think outside the box and try to assist the country to manage its water resources when the season hits. That’s a good call, and we’re looking forward to more suggestions on how persons can do so.

However, what’s also important, is knowing the moves our Water Authority is making to ensure the proper catchment, storage and distribution of clean water when crunch time hits. It is necessary that customers do their part, but the country deserves to know what WASA is doing differently next year to mitigate any shortage of supplies at the country’s major dams.

We haven’t heard as yet from the Authority on the situation, but we hope they’re also thinking outside the box. Proper communication, including early warnings about water shortages, would be helpful.

Meanwhile, with the harsh dry season ahead, there is also the risk of bush and forest fires, which we’ve seen happen many times before. Let’s be extra careful in 2019, and protect ourselves, our homes and our communities from the risks of the heat.

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November 23rd, 2018

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