Doh Hit Meh


Doh Hit Meh

Doh Hit Meh

Many Trinbagonians pride themselves on being spontaneous. Impromptu ‘limes’ are a hallmark of our way of life. Spontaneity though also applies to how many Trinis handle their anger. This week alone saw two high profile incidents of impulse reactions.

Former Miss T&T Sarah Jane Waddell admitted to “lunging” at a fellow female who was getting a little to close to her beau during the Carnival festivities. Then, there were students of the Ste Madeline Secondary School, who allegedly threw plastic bottles at protesting TTUTA officials. That matter is currently being investigated by the Education Ministry.

In both cases it’s the same mentality: if yuh vex, attack. Worse yet, the attack itself is often explained away as being justifiable: “Meh blood was boiling” or “they look for it”. And we wonder why T&T is becoming so violent. It is easy to get angry for things relating to relationships or differing points of view. How we deal with that anger though is what we need to look at closely. Far too many citizens take pride in physically handling a situation under the guise of “I don’t tolerate nonsense”.

That is exactly what the beauty queen did. And in a LIVE social media video she defended that attack on another woman, who was questionably not the only one culpable in the situation that angered her in the first place. Quite a number of comments posted to the video praised the action.

It was puzzling therefore when students were criticized just a few days later when reports emerged that they allegedly hurled plastic bottles at protesting teachers. According to reports, the students were upset, incensed even, that teachers were protesting against the Principal who they, the children, were in support of. So, they acted…allegedly. They vented their anger in a manner that they had undoubtedly learned from our society. And even in the midst of condemnation of that action, there were still social media instances of some persons justifying the alleged incident. Again, violent behaviour is being excused.

THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. Anger is justifiable, not the action. Everyone has the right to get upset over whatever issue they want. But, we must not for a second think it is acceptable to physically assault someone because we are upset. The fact that we think it is ok to do so, shows just how broken we as a society are.

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March 8th, 2017

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