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Devashish Ramdath wins recording contract with Anil Bheem

Devashish Ramdath wins recording contract with Anil Bheem

He’s 22 years old and has been singing Indian classical and traditional chutney for the past few years.

Now, Devashish Ramdath has won a recording contract with Anil Bheem and Empire Productions, courtesy of 103FM and Carib Beer Radio Road March winner, Master Saleem.

Saleem held a competition on his Facebook page to give away the contract which was part of his prize as road march winner – the catch is that the person had to be a young talent.

Londonville resident Devashish, the youngest of three children, says he was ecstatic to find out he won.

AUDIO: Ramdath Wins

Devashish says there is no trace of musical ability in his family and credits fellow young classical singer, Ravi Jagroop, for his love for the art form.

AUDIO: Ramdath Jagroops

Moving forward with the recording contract, Devashish wants to help other young people fall in love with the art forms he has embraced.

AUDIO: Ramdath Traditional

Ramdath has taken part in several competitions in his career so far, including Mastana Bahar and NCIC’s Youth Champ.

Check out this December 2017 video from Dev’s YouTube account:



February 23rd, 2018

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