Dear T&T Police Service – Don’t Insult Our Intelligence

Dear T&T Police Service – Don’t Insult Our Intelligence

Shame on you TTPS! The Police Service has issued the most disappointing response to a very pertinent public concern. By now, most would know about the recent incident in which the son of Finance Minister Colm Imbert was robbed. The 25 year old was accosted by bandits, who took his wallet and cell-phone. There were reports that “elite” police units and high ranking officers were immediately called in to investigate, with the phone in particular being recovered a couple of days later. The public outrage was instantaneous, with citizens demanding to know why these “elite resources” were being used to find a cell-phone, and not murderers and gang-leaders. Others questioned whether these same “units” would be deployed if their phone was stolen as well.

The authorities are not taking this just so. An unnamed Government official has since dismissed that report, saying “this outrage is being fuelled by “fake news” as no “elite unit” in the Police Service was used to track down the phone”. A TTPS official then stated on Wednesday during its weekly media briefing that stolen phones and electronics are “recovered daily”, as there is a procedure that is followed every time a report is made.

We do not dispute that stolen items have in fact recovered. What citizens are outraged about, is that special attention seems to have been given to this matter, instead of others that are undoubtedly more pressing. The Police Service was able to find a stolen cell-phone after the fact, while those responsible for a triple murder along the busy Chaguaramas Boardwalk remain at large. Many citizens have drawn upon their own experience in which they too were robbed, and would not have received the same cooperation and engagement from the Police Service. Some citizens have even drawn upon experiences in which police units took hours to respond to their calls for help.

Dear TTPS, it is the perception of favouritism that is upsetting. Citizens would not mind such attention to such a case, if that sort of attention was afforded to all those who have been robbed. But it isn’t. Citizens would not think twice about a robbery involving a Minister’s relative being solved, if solving crimes was a common thing in this country. It isn’t. So please don’t insult our intelligence.

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July 12th, 2018

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