Dear Mr. Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

The 103FM Editorial 11 01 18

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

We the citizens are fed-up and would very much like for you to do something about our rampant crime situation. Much blood has been spilled over the past few years, and at this point, anyone can become the next victim. It took the gruesome and fiery death of a teenage boy for the National Security Minister to say anything in the longest while. 498 people were confirmed to have died in 2017. And the word “confirmed” is used on purpose, because it does not account for those who have gone missing, possibly killed, and never found.

Yet, despite all that, the National Security Minister seems to be just a trophy figure head: we know his name, he speaks at conferences, yet he says little to nothing while our people die. No assurances. No condemnation. Until now. And when he does actually speak, he utters the worst of clichés: “crime is our #1 priority”, “those responsible will be dealt with” and perhaps the worst and most recent of them “I have not failed”. Mr Minister, our highest murder toll ever was 529 in 2008. We ended 2017 on 498. And in the first 8 days in 2018, we have already recorded 19 brutal homicides. You may not feel you have failed, but we do.

The vast majority of citizens fear the worst now when they step out their doors to go about their day to day activities. Parents constantly check up on their children, because they are afraid of what could happen. Business owners scrutinize each and every person that walk into their establishments, because robberies are taking place even in broad daylight. Citizens refuse to stop to help each other because good Samaritans then become victims. We are becoming the textbook definition of a lawless society.

And we don’t want to hear about “it’s the Opposition’s fault”. Yes, they refused to support the Anti-Gang Bill. YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT. Find another way to address the situation. You are there in power to find ways to address the issues affecting us. The blame game has gotten old. And trust me, most citizens do not want to hear excuses from any party about why they aren’t fixing problems.

Mr Prime Minister, when you were Opposition Leader, you yourself said if the Government can’t deal with crime, then the Government itself is part of the problem. It is easy to put blame. Now is the time to walk the walk. We are waiting and praying.

Concerned Citizens

Web Master

January 11th, 2018

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