Conversation Or Quarrel? You Be The Judge


Conversation Or Quarrel? You Be The Judge

Conversation Or Quarrel? You Be The Judge

How many times have you looked at something and recognised immediately that it was mislabelled? That is, it was misrepresenting what the product or service actually was. Have you ever wondered how could the supposedly ‘learned individuals’ who packaged the product make such an obvious blunder and not correct it? Well, we find ourselves in that dilemma at present, after viewing Prime Minister Rowley’s town meeting in Point Fortin last week. Purported to be a ‘Conversation with the Prime Minister’ the event was clearly the opposite, as a conversation, as we know it is ‘a talk between 2 or more people in which news and ideas are exchanged.

What we saw instead was a steady stream of legitimate concerns expressed by residents of the area especially about criminal activity and questionable police conduct. We also saw those who expressed anxiety over sustainable jobs and one individual who produced a bottle with a dark liquid claiming it was flowing from his taps. While it did make interesting viewing to a point, the matters raised were not surprising and it certainly was not a conversation. Issue after issue was directed at Prime Minister Rowley to which he attempted a defensive response albeit that he was clearly uncomfortable for the entire period.

What we are also wondering is what was the expectation of the Prime Minister and his team? Were they anticipating anything other than what took place at that meeting? From looks on some of the faces on the stage, we would say, yes. Given the state of the nation at this time, it would be foolish of anyone have a face to face with the Prime Minister and not raise issues like crime, unemployment and general dissatisfaction with the way things are going. And given that the meetings have so far been staged in communities that are PNM strongholds, should be of even greater concern to Dr. Rowley and his team about what’s going on in the head of Joe Public.

Venturing out into the community to chat with the populace is a courageous and wonderful initiative. However the purpose and outcome of this particular series is another matter. Unless the fundamental expectations of the general population are met, the agenda for any planned ‘conversation’ will forever be derailed. Therefore there can be no discussion. Only when it is recognised that a wholehearted attempt is being made to stamp out the preventable ills plaguing our society that a useful exchange could be considered. Until then, the only sensible expectation would be for big stone to fly from all corners of the room.

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July 17th, 2017

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