Contributions Of Worth Are What’s Required

Contributions Of Worth Are What’s Required

We’ve all seen and heard frequent pronouncements from a cast of regular local commentators and experts giving their 2 cents about this issue or that matter and we often questioned their credibility. Whether it’s over their personal biases, colouring their responses or that some of them just get a thrill out of hearing themselves jabber. The end result is that few of these ‘experts’ possess the credibility or credentials to sway our thinking in any direction when it comes to matters of national interest.

Take for instance a report in a newspaper yesterday by ‘tax expert’ Angelique Bart who is suggesting that government should tax doubles vendors. Yes, we agree that small men like doubles vendors, parlour operators and taxi drivers make profits and don’t contribute to the operation of the State. But we wonder how is such a statement processed by a group of movers and shakers such as the American Chamber of Commerce? Wouldn’t it have been more practical of Ms. Bart to suggest foolproof methods that the Inland Revenue Department could employ to catch tax evaders? Or maybe start with taxing doctors, lawyers and organisations that hide behind religion to make millions annually in revenue? It’s just a thought.

Then, there was Economist, Dr. Roger Hosein, another weekly star of television news who made the point that an economic turnaround is unlikely, with the crime rate at present. Maybe that was a point that was more palatable to Amcham’s membership. He told the gathering on Monday that with not one word uttered by Minister Imbert about the crime and murder rate in the mid-term budget review, we may be in more trouble than we think. Hosein suggested that it was not possible to discuss any diversification agenda without addressing this issue that continues to spiral further and further out of control daily.

While both commentators made points of varying degrees of relevance in our view, we don’t believe that the ones who needed to hear the contributions were listening. Not then, not now, not ever. We have seen the police manipulate statistics repeatedly to try to hoodwink the population into believing that crime is down. However, the reality is that it never is. We are now wondering what statistics were used to proclaim an economic turnaround? Increased oil and gas prices? What if they fall again? What then? Dr. Hosein may have a point when he said economic prosperity may have returned but questioned whether it could be termed an ‘economic turnaround’ without factoring in crime, unemployment, rising debt and other critical factors.

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May 16th, 2018

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