Chutney Brass

When the Chutney Brass Festival (CBF) was introduced some 15 years ago some said it would not last, simply because Randy Glasgow Productions (RGP) placed it up against the Caribbean Brass Festival, taking place on the same night of the massive fete, which was back then a signature event of Carnival having run for a couple decades.

Well, the Caribbean Brass Festival is no more, while the CBF has developed into an event of international repute that has over the years featured artistes from as far as India, South Asia and even top rock bands out of the United States as RGP sought to present an event that would prove entertaining for not only chutney music lovers, but those who appreciated chutney soca, soca and other genres, regional and international.

From attracting just over 4,000 patrons on its debut run,  CBF is now  considered to be the largest Indo music event in the world, outside of India, boasting audiences exceeding 17,000 and featuring not only Trinbagonians, but people from places such as Guyana, Suriname, Florida, Canada, Asia, Throughout the United States and even as far as Australia.

These foreigners organise groups to make the trip here, booking hotels and guest houses way in advance of the Carnival season, planning their vacation around Trinidad’s Carnival aiming to arrive in time for the CBF and to attend other Carnival events such as the National Panorama, Soca Monarch as well as visit the calypso tents and other events. RGP is aware of this because when booking their CB tickets people ask us about what events are taking place and what activities there are, including what mas bands still have costumes available.

The 2018 Chutney Brass Festival   –  Bring Your  Cooler Edition takes place on Saturday February 3 at Guaracara Park, Point-a-Pierre. Patrons are invited to bring coolers packed with their choice of drinks in plastic bottles . Of course there will still be bars offering premium drinks strategically placed throughout the venue as well as food stations where patrons will have a wide assortment of cuisine, local, East Indian, Asian, European and more to choose from.

As for the entertainment the 2018 CBF will feature concert length performances from the most sought after chutney and chutney crossover bands and artistes on the island including, Raymond Ramnarine and Dil-E-Nadan, Ravi B & Karma, Neeshard, Gregory & Nisha B,  KI and The Band With Neval, Gyatones, Rikki Jai and the Jaimasterz,  Anil Bheem and BMRZ, Sally Sagram and Xtreme, Neval with D Rampersad Indie Art  and much more.

Internationally acclaimed cricketer, DJ Bravo will be making a special appearance alongside a few of his friends from Bollywood and with a camera crew in tow. Several DJs including Big Daddy’s Sounds, DJ Ana, DJ Greg and Big Rich will be performing between the live acts.

VIP and  Regular tickets can be purchased on line at, All NLCB Lotto Booths nationwide and regular ticket outlets nationwide. For more information one can contact, (8680  622 0834; 628 9158; 774 5555; 685 5239;; Facebook / Chutney Brass T&T.