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CCJ issues highest number of judgments in 2018

CCJ issues highest number of judgments in 2018

Since starting operations in 2005, the Caribbean Court of Justice has in 2018 issued its highest number of judgements.

The CCJ says in addition to those 34 judgements, it heard 28 new matters in its Original and Appellate Jurisdictions.

This court term ends on Monday 17th December with its last case from Barbados, being heard yesterday.

It was the appeal of Renaldo Alleyne who was convicted of manslaughter, after 6 women died when a mall was firebombed during a robbery in 2010.

He had been sentenced to six concurrent life sentences.

The CCJ meanwhile says even though the term is coming to an end, work will still be going on at the court.

The judicial officers will be preparing for upcoming cases and holding case management conferences on current matters, while judicial reform work will be continuing.

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December 6th, 2018

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