Are You Willing To Pay For Someone Else’s Stupidity?

Are You Willing To Pay For Someone Else’s Stupidity?

Anyone who perused the news last week would have observed a series of stories, although not associated in any way, that had similar conclusions. On at least  three occasions that we saw, there were court matters against the State or its agents in which the plaintiffs were the victors. That is, the state was ordered to pay damages for acting unlawfully in one way or another. In one instance a man was awarded damages for what the courts thought was his unnecessary detention in jail on a trumped-up drunk driving charge. In another matter, a Jamaican woman was awarded big money by the High Court for being arrested illegally and detained in a disgusting cell, essentially an infringement of her basic human rights. And the list goes on.

While we are sometimes glad to see instances like these, we can’t help but wonder what steps are the State taking to remedy the situation. So a chunk of change must be paid to an individual. But why must ‘the State’ pay? Why doesn’t the offending individuals pay for violating the terms and conditions of their service? And what about disciplinary action? Is it business as usual after? It is more likely than not that these culprits will again cost the State in one way or another because there was no consequence for their actions. Within the police service alone there have been countless allegations over the years of police brutality and other atrocities in addition to rampant corruption, to which we often hear the talking heads ramble on about weeding out the bad eggs. Maybe this is a good place to start doing some gardening in all sectors of the public service.

A policeman, an immigration officer, a customs officer or any such individual who unnecessarily roughs-up a person, or worse, files a false charge against him is not very different to the rude cashier at the supermarket and the impolite clerk at the regional corporation office. They are all cut from the same cloth. A symptom of poor upbringing, dysfunctional families and outright greed and dishonesty. A cycle that is difficult to break. And repeatedly, they continue to offend and defend without consequence.

We should all remember too, that when we hear the term, ‘the State must pay damages’, it really means the taxpayers or you to be exact. Are you comfortable paying for someone else’s stupidity? This government is fighting tooth and nail to revive an economy that is on life support through no known tangible means. Instead of just jacking up the penalties for speeding and driving with a cracked tail light, maybe the legislators should also make it mandatory for all, whether in public or private service to pay out of their pockets when they go the extra mile to offend. Either that or make jail or both. It’s time for somebody to come to the rescue of the law abiding citizen.

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August 7th, 2017

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