Are Murder Investigations Prioritised?


Are Murder Investigations Prioritised?

Are Murder Investigations Prioritised?

It is without doubt that the discovery of the body of Woman Police Constable, Nyasha Joseph has added another layer to the already dark and seemingly impenetrable  cloak of despair we face with daily killings. It is also evident that our women, regardless of their stature or status, have become just as vulnerable to wanton violence that seems to have no ending. Our condolences go out to the family of WPC Nayasha Joseph. The impact of such a gruesome attack is undoubtedly paralyzing to family and friends, to say the least, and certainly unexplainable to her young, grieving children.

This latest episode in the series of grisly killings seems to have finally resonated with the Top Brass though. Acting Police Commissioner, Stephen Williams emerged from his supposed slumber to label it ‘a vicious and barbaric act’ and say that investigators are pursuing the case ‘with vigour’ to ensure the officer’s killers are brought to justice. Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley stated that he felt the pain of the family of WPC Joseph and that he is the father of 2 girls. He has also admitted that he supports capital punishment and is working with former AG Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj to bring back the hangman.

It was somewhat heartening to hear these men finally utter words of comfort to a grieving family. It revived the expectation that someone might act soon and extend to this ailing nation, a lifeline with regards to crime. We also hope that the Top Brass remembers that there are literally thousands of families in this tiny nation of 1.3 million souls that have lost loved ones to senseless acts of violence or have had their children snatched away without a trace and without any noticeable concern. Comments on social media especially, point to the conviction by many that the protective services only investigates its own interests with vigour while the plight of others is meaningless.

Luckily for the family of WPC Joseph, they get to experience closure to some extent, with the discovery of her remains and the possible arrest of a suspect. Then there are the families of Ria Sookdeo, Rachael Ramkissoon Eden Teesdale and Vindra Naipaul and all the others over the years who have not experienced justice, or closure and possibly never will. The Prime Minister’s wish to bring back the hangman is debatable and some would argue that the criminals must be caught to give the hangman work. So is this another case of putting the cart before the horse while we continue to be trampled mercilessly day after day? You tell me?

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March 20th, 2017

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