KHAN they do it? by Karen Dass


by Karen “KD” Dass

Do you remember your first Shah Rukh Khan film? What about Salman Khan or Amir Khan? Let’s see, for me , I recall Anjaam, Dil Tera Aashiq and Qayamat Se QayamatTak. Of course for those of you mega Khan fans, your memory would go much further back as they seem to have been on screen for ages! Well, they have but now new names and faces are jostling for the spotlight. And as an article in Times Now goes, the Khansome star boys are facing major challenges with their movies.

All hail Ranbir Kapoor and Ranvir Singh!!

The Bollywood Khans, like other colleagues, have taken on much more in the industry, with their film production companies. One would expect with their huge fanbase and lengthy career on screen, their films would be uber successful as they would now have some more control over the product. Lately, this is not the case. Maybe this new generation of film lovers are tired of the same ole same ole (I know I am). Unless there’s a killer soundtrack and some clever storyline, there’s not much left to intrigue. Or maybe folks are quite turned off by the fact these are  *ahem senior dudes and should be relegated to senior roles rather than the one who gets to make out with the fresh dewy faced actress.

Here in Trinidad, we still love them. Their films might be colossal failures at the box office but these guys still hold the Favourite Actor title. As one listener said, “my love affair with Salman will never end”- Papa -yo! And let’s not start with Shah Rukh Khan. That’s King for true!

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