Hindi Bol Sakte? – KD’s Appetite For Discussion


A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of engaging with an Indian soap opera actor, vacationing in Trinidad at the time. He was most stunned to learn that there were radio stations here running 24 hr Bollywood music and even more bewildered that presenters/RJs were not speaking and in most cases, could NOT speak Hindi. Poor guy was almost floored when we broke it to him that most listeners also couldn’t translate the language.

“Sooo, how is it that they know vat they’re singing to?”, he gesticulated.  It’s a good question. Our parents, grandparents and those before, could easily piece together words for a clear comprehension of song or conversation. Today, with the help of subtitles and Google Translate, it’s not a big deal for lots of folks. Many of you would remember in the old days, 103FM’sHindi classes on air through a program Hindi Seekhen. This was quite fun and perhaps, still vital for the business we’re in. No longer limited to Ramayan, Satsanghs, cooking nights or Bollywood movies, Hindi is gaining more popularity. After all, it is listed as the 4th most spoken language in the world according to Babbel Magazine. See link below.  As with other parts of culture, how much do we really know? How much do we want to know?

We’re really fortunate though, to have Hindi taught at Primary and Secondary Schools and with the assistance of The Hindi Foundation of TT as well as The Indian High Commission, there’s much to look forward to.

Check out our podcast to find out more about World Hindi Day with VP of Hindi Foundation of TT Dr. V. Bhimull and avail yourself of classes wherever offered. This will not only enhance the appreciation for those well-loved “chunes” we play for you every day, but also strengthen its deep cultural connection with our country’s history.