From Children’s Home To Mother Of The Home – Fazeer Rojan’s Inspirational Message


Today’s Inspiration Message on Prabhaat with the morning host Fazeer Rojan

Farisha has endured so much over her lifetime yet she remains so grounded, grateful and loving. From situations that forced her to spend quite some of her childhood years living at a Children’s Home, the different traumas and abuses she endured, to her self esteem and suicidal battles, to young love followed by even more heartbreak, eventually to motherhood and thereafter a new and amazing outlook on and motivation for life! She is resilient, witty, fun, positive, courageous and inspiring. And, today, she shares her wisdom gained on her tumultuous life journey so far, with the rest of the world in this FuzzE Entertainment Ltd. production entitled, ‘From Children’s Home To Mother Of The Home’. Dedicated to the amazing children, volunteers, mentors, administrators, caretakers, financiers and guardians at the various children’s homes and shelters around the world. Thank you for your love and care! Special thanks to the women who have themselves succeeded in their respective fields after facing seemingly insurmountable challenges of their own and have now banded together to support Farisha in sharing her story… #riaramnarine #marissamohammedfaria #michellelakhan #somerharnarine #sallysagram #kathykhanhaimcdonald #womensupportingwomen #femaleempowerment