Animal Cruelty Gone Unnoticed

Animal Cruelty Gone Unnoticed

A social media viral video had viewers grimacing in disgust last week over what appeared to be dogs and other animals dying from poisoning outside a Pricemart outlet. Accompanying the video were insinuations that the company was the perpetrator of the dastardly act to rid itself of pesky animals and vermin living in and making a mess of its surroundings. Pricemart was quick to respond, saying in a news release that it does not condone cruelty to animals in any form, neither does it view the harming of animals as the solution to any problem.

However, in its fuzzy statement, the company said it knew about the incident 14 months ago but 9 months later, learned that a video existed. Confusing we know but an acknowledgement nevertheless that it was aware of someone poisoning animals on it premises. Our contention today is why such a serious issue was not brought to the attention of the public sooner, especially with such stated concern for the welfare of animals? Social media alone, as anyone would know, possesses the power to catch scoundrels in the act long before law enforcement could. Even a small reward for information may have proven more effective than silence.

All around the world and here in the Caribbean as well, warehouse shopping complexes are traditionally situated on the fringes residential areas for the obvious reasons. And dogs, a favourite pet and watchman of many homes are professional escape artistes, some of whom may be attracted to the allure of a dumpster full of discarded food items. Stray dogs, birds, cats and other animals would be similarly attracted a source of food and would fall victim to poison traps. Therefore, there is a very likely chance that whosoever took it upon themselves to rid the vicinity of pests with poison also took out Rex, Fluffy and Rufus.

While we are not disputing the company’s non-involvement in the whole matter, we are of the view that a situation like this should have been handled with greater consequence, especially since it possessed the potential to backfire. Any business today is a potential target for crooks of all varieties. And it is not convincing by any stretch of the imagination, that a huge warehouse shopping complex is unaware of what is occurring around one of its properties at nights. Surveillance cameras are everywhere and we are also quite certain that recordings are routinely reviewed for any iniquitous activities occurring under the cloak of darkness. An unidentifiable stranger poisoning dogs around Pricemart should never be a possibility as it begs the question of what else occurs there undetected. Either that or concern for pets and other animals being killed heartlessly was not a factor until social media exposed it.

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December 7th, 2017

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