All Talk, No Substance

All Talk, No Substance

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Much has been said about a song that has been released by a local singer, which seems to be the referencing the Prime Minister and his mother. The song, which cannot even be considered satire or a parody, is known only for its hook which is meant to have a double entendre, which sounds like an obscenity directed at the PM himself.

If there’s any legit criticism of the Prime Minister’s work or governance, there’s a lot more the composer could have done to make that clear.

There’s no real issue being tackled in the song, and many feel it remains just a disingenuous way to hurl an insult and entice others opposed to the PM to do the same, without any substance or clear reasoning.

On top of that, we strongly feel that persons in these positions, including the President, the Prime Minister and even the Opposition Leader, regardless of who it may be, should be respected. While persons may feel they have good reason that these office holders do not deserve respect, we believe the office which they hold deserves that respect.

Calypso and other local forms of song have been tackling social and political issues for years, and creativity is the key. For instance, calypsonian Chalkdust’s song ‘Learn from Arithmetic’ in which he tackled the issue of child marriage stating “75 can’t go into 14” is a good example of creativity and relevance in song.

There has also been much public debate about whether the artiste should be allowed to sing the song publicly, or whether he can enter the Carnival competitions, and whether or not the song should be played on radio stations. There’s no one answer for all those questions, as each other party involved has the right to say yes or no.

Whether it is a promoter, or a radio station, each professional entity would have certain guidelines and rules to which they abide, and a choice would be made thereafter.

At the same time, any artiste has the right to sing any song he or she composes and nowadays, it can be released on the internet – hassle free.

Therefore the debate over one tasteless song doesn’t event deserve that much publicity. We’ve got real issue to debate and discuss…come on, T&T!

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January 2nd, 2018

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