After 12 is NOT Lunch!


After 12 is NOT Lunch!

After 12 is NOT Lunch!

Finally. The Miscellaneous Provisions Act aka the Marriage Bill was passed with a resounding majority last week, effectively outlawing Child Marriages, that is, marriage to children below the age of 18. The highly contentious topic was one of hot debate over the past months, with us too at the Station sharing our views in previous Editorials.
Now, with the battle seemingly done and dusted, one would think it’s time to resume civilized existence. Maybe not. At least not according to the Head of the SDMS – one of several who believe otherwise. Being a staunch defendant of the current provisions in law for marrying minors, or lack thereof, it is clear that he is not going down without a fight. In fact, he signaled his intention to take the State to Court based on this latest development, i.e. the Bill’s passing and manifestation into law. While at this point he seems a solitary figure of objection, we are certain there are several who share his view, since many have been vocal against the change since the inception of this issue.
What we need though, is clarity. While the SDMS Head is adamant to maintain the old doctrines which have been existence since forever, we would like to know why exactly? Is it to protect the interests of the people? We would hope so. If that is the case, how exactly? At first glance and even with any degree of scrutiny, one cannot see a big hard-back man in his 30s or 40s marrying a pre-teen or even a teenager without grimacing. As horrific as this may sound, it has actually been happening. If the religious texts provide some validation for girls being married off at ages 12, 13, 14…we ask for this to be highlighted and the nation be sensitized.
Here is a man who has always been a lot more outspoken about matters that we may share the same opinion on, but are either too timid or nonchalant to publicly endorse ourselves. So while at first it may seem like the ranting of a madman, we wish for those who share this belief to state their cases, just as we would like for any citizen of T&T who may have one to argue.
Maybe we’re wrong, but from our standpoint it seems like some are clutching at straws to defend the illogical and immoral. Tell us, how does it look from yours?

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June 16th, 2017

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