A Society In Rapid Decay


A Society In Rapid Decay

A Society In Rapid Decay

Just take a good look at our national landscape and it could be easily concluded that we Trini’s lack national pride. And by national landscape we do not mean our physical surroundings only but anything and everything that makes up this island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The hooligan way we deal with each other, how we dress to go out in public, the lack of concern for our fellowmen and yes, the way we keep our surroundings. These things and many others speak volumes about our pride in ourselves and our country…this place we call home. If you take one moment to stop and look at these things, you too may ask the question, ‘how have we become so fetid as a people?’

Look at the situation last week surrounding the death of Mr. Christopher Phillip. The elderly man was in distress no doubt, yet he was reportedly physically removed from the hospital like a piece of garbage and left to die on the compound. A national disgrace was the cry of all civilized people. How do individuals supposedly trained to care for the sick become so callous to literally toss another human out on the street to die without a second thought? How? And, as if to rub salt in our wounds, we hear their boss saying that there is no guilt because “all protocols were followed” at the hospital. In any cultured environment that buffoon and his employees would have been jobless and possibly headed to jail at this point.

Hardly a day goes by without numerous reports of gruesome murders, robberies and other dreadful acts taking place in plain view for all to see without fear of consequences. And we’re not talking about the gangland killings here but about ordinary people snuffed out while going about their daily lives. Yet, we hardly spare a second thought for the deceased or their grieving families. Has the frequency of these dreadful deeds committed against our own people day after day without reprisal changed our hearts into stone? Can you imagine the mindset of the individuals who tied up, beat and robbed Father Clyde Harvey while he prayed in church on Monday morning? Where does that leave everyday folks like you and I?

Only recently, Criminologist, Prof Ramesh Deosaran said we are in a state of emergency with respect to crime and public safety and that the time for making excuses and passing the buck has passed. We couldn’t agree more. But that’s just one aspect of the decay our society is facing albeit a significant one. Who do we call on to help fix the absence of manners we display or the lack of pride we show in ourselves and our surroundings? Isn’t this the foundation that must be structurally sound to sustain a world-class golf course or are we missing the point?


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June 13th, 2017

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