A Fair Days Work, Please!

A Fair Days Work, Please!

We all know about “Trini Time”. Trinbagonians are often told about how we reach late, or just take too long to get something done. That then directly dictates our efficiency, or lack thereof. The situation is so dire that it was called out by Her Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes at her inauguration. She said “You can be a light in your workplace, get to work on time, actually do work while you are there and go the extra mile if need be.”

Our work ethic is so bad that the President actually had to tell people to get to work on time and to do actual work while we’re there. And it seems that these calls have fallen in deaf ears. Just this week, a concerned citizen replayed to us, that they have noticed state workers taking weeks to rebuild a concrete sign leading into a community in Trincity.

The person claims that most times when they noticed the workers, they were simply standing around, laughing and talking. And what they believe should only take a couple of days at most, seems to be taking much longer. This, though, seems to fit a mould.

About one year ago, Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein called on the regional corporations to ensure their employees do a fair day’s work for their salaries. The Minister also reportedly said that it was common knowledge that corporation workers only work for a few hours each day. Yes, everyone seems to know about the problem yet nothing is done about it. Despite the Minister directly calling out the bad work ethic, it persists.

Some would blame it on trade unionism. Now, unions must be a mainstay in any country. The point of a trade union is to ensure that workers are not unfairly treated and that they work in safe conditions for proper pay, without harassment. But it seems as if that idealism has been lost in time. In recent years, there have been numerous allegations about workers distinctly being in the wrong, but still receiving union support.

Others would blame the inefficiency on corruption and nepotism. Because people know other people, they know their jobs are safe and don’t hesitate to work however and whenever they feel like it.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that our lack of work ethic and failure to value time, has led us down a lazy path…..one that seemingly had no road signs to help direct us in the right direction.


May 10th, 2018

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