A Citizen’s Wishlist For A Better T&T

A Citizen’s Wishlist For A Better T&T

 Citizen Gregory Wight has published his ten point plan for cleaning up everything wrong with governance in Trinidad and Tobago. All National Newspapers have carried it, and today 103FM shares it with those of you who may have missed it:


  1. 1. Amend the Industrial Relations Act to allow Public servants to hired and fired-
  1. 2. Quickly enact Campaign Finance legislation which would publicly spell out donations to political parties, names of donors, and the amounts-
  1. 3.Swiftly enact Legislation which would mandate all government tenders to be publicly listed-
  1.  4.Amend the Constitution to allow for partial Proportional Representation so that never again would a political party with 100K votes get no representation in Parliament-
  1. 5. Pass legislation so that all Members of Parliament will function full-time as representatives of their constituencies, then hire Industry professionals to run ministries-
  1. 6. Leadership must establish a tone of entrepreneurship to encourage all citizens through worthwhile incentives, to get the country back to real work-
  1. 7. Establish a forensic crime centre staffed by accounting professionals to deal with all forms of white collar crime-
  1. 8. Establish a combined police, army and coast guard, elite squad specifically to get 99% of all illegal guns off the streets-
  1. 9. Fix the Judicial system, establishing time limits for all stages of enquiry, prosecution and appeals-
  1. 10. Decriminalise marijuana and all soft drugs, leading to legalisation of all drugs within ten years. This should be done in tandem with anti-drug programmes in all schools, thus starving the cancer of the drug trade that corrupts large sections of small nations like Trinidad and Tobago.

There you have it. Many of these are not new ideas, but at least they’ve been brought together in one capsule for wide discussion. It is important, as Citizen Wight says, to effectively tackle the monster of corruption that is devouring us.

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January 30th, 2018

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