A Chink In The Armour Of Crime

A Chink In The Armour Of Crime

When poor service is the status quo, expectations are naturally low. It is not unfair to say that we have grown to become as such a society. Customer service is a concept foreign to many, who have instead become familiar with the ‘wey yuh want?’ attitude. Similarly, the infestation of crime in this country can be attributed to many factors, both proactive and reactive in nature. Our detection rates are embarrassing. No criminal seems to fear the law and citizens often wonder who are protecting them when need be. Many find themselves not even reporting crimes because of the total absence of faith in our law enforcement, and instead choose to build higher walls or stronger barricades in an effort to fend for themselves. Any nonpartisan Trini would probably attest to seeing the bulk of the protective services and the criminal blight as one and the same.

So when twice in a month there were successful attempts at locating and recovering kidnap victims, it seemed like the country was in both shock and delight. Last week, a young woman was plucked from the UWI St. Augustine Campus but later found and her suspected kidnappers apprehended. And over the weekend, the mafia-movie style early morning abduction of an entire family was thwarted when they were found in Barrackpore by police.

The man spearheading these hunts was none other than the COP himself. Gary Griffith has indicated his intention to grab the bull by the horns when it comes to tackling crime. He doesn’t seem dissuaded by the stats before him, absence of faith in the service, nor numerous death threats upon being instated. We, like many others, have expressed our confidence in him to make a difference prior to his installation, and while there is much more work to be done, this is good news for what the future may hold.

What is blatantly clear though, is that COP Griffith has acquired no new tools for fighting crime. What he obviously does have is intent, a clear mind to tackle the problem before him and a no-nonsense attitude. We applaud the repayment of the public’s faith in him by these initial successes. While it’s a long road ahead before our country is healed, if ever, we have reason to believe a dent in crime is not too farfetched a thought.

Kudos, Commissioner Griffith. Your work has only just begun.

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December 4th, 2018

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