Road Shake

Road Shake

103FM & Coors Light Road Shake 2017


After four magnificent stops in our Road Shake series, we are moving full speed to our fifth and final Road Shake for 2017!
This Friday February 17th we head to Pierre Road Recreation Ground, Felicity with an entourage of performances 0f the best in the Chutney Soca industry.
This week’s entertainment line up includes:
* Raymond Ramnarine,
* Ravi B,
* Nisha B,
* KI,
* Nishard M,
* Sally Sagram,
* Veekash Sahadeo and more….
See 103FM’s Dj Greg and Rishi Ram. Also 101.7FM’s Dj Mario along with entire 103FM Family!
Plus we will be giving away:
• 20 Chutney Brass tickets and a cooler of Coors Light for largest posse wearing the same colour.
• Many Hampers and Vouchers

Sponsored by:

South Park   r&k


Dates and Locations:


February 10th : Antilles Recreation Ground, San Francique

February 17th : Pierre Road Recreation Ground, Felicity