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The stories behind “Obeah” and “Masala”

The stories behind “Obeah” and “Masala”

Veekash Sahadeo and Ravi Babooram are going to up the ante in the performance at the grand final of the 2018 Chutney Soca Monarch.

They entered the event this year as a duo, with the song “Obeah” burning up the airwaves.

Ravi says they are looking on build on their semi-final performance, which Veekash said was very well received.

Audio: Ravi and Veekash on Performance 25 01 18

They also gave us some background info on their song.

According to Ravi, it was actually written for him by Veekash.

As for Veekash, he felt the duet was just ‘right’.

Audio: Ravi and Veekash Obeah 25 01 18

This is Ravi’s first time in the CSM Final, while Veekash has been there four times before.

And both believe they bring something different to the stage, which can only serve to strengthen the entire performance.
Another duo to perform on Saturday consists of Nishard M and Neval Chatelal.

They of course topped the semi-final round, and their hit song “Masala” is a favourite to take the title.

Nishard of course has been to the final several times before.

As for Neval, although he has been in music for years now, this is his first ever foray into the CSM, and he’s loving every minute of it!

Audio: Neval Loving It 25 01 18

And they too had an awesome story about their song.

Nishard stressed to us that it is an all original song.

And Neval then explained exactly how the melody came about.

Audio: Nishard and Neval Melody 25 01 18


January 25th, 2018

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