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103FM’s “Road Show… Reloaded” is here!

103FM’s “Road Show… Reloaded” is here!

103FM’s Road Show Reloaded is here!

We kick off all the exciting activities this Thursday at South Park in San Fernando.

And it’s dubbed the way it is for a reason!

This year we have performances by young exciting artistes and brand new games.

Who better to tell us more than 103FM’s Brand Manager Shivana Sawh.

Audio: Shivana New Activities

And our pepper eating competition this year is also a bit different.

Last year, it was all about who could eat the most hot peppers.

And we have seen first hand that you all are pretty good at taking the heat.

So this year, we’re going with a timed competition.

Audio: Shivana Pepper Eating

We will have a pepper eating competition at each road show stop, and the winner from each wins a cash prize, and of course, a place in the Grand Pepper Eating Final, which will be held at our Curry Duck Competition in April!

And just so you know… these are a few of our other road show stops.

Audio: Shivana Locations

We thank you for your continuing support and we look forward to seeing you at South Park this Thursday!

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March 6th, 2018

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